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Spiritual Regression With Morrin Bass

Are you interested in uncovering what’s behind the curtain of your conscious knowledge?

Spiritual regression is a special way for those who are truly interested.

Spiritual regression may be for you if:

  • you believe that we are here for a purpose,
  • you believe that there is life after death, and life in between incarnations, perhaps you believe there are special helpers, angels, spirits
  • you are committed to finding more about yourself, your soul, and your direction
  • you are committed to know your body, as a vessel for your soul, to be healthy and how to know your natural signals, reactions, responses
  • you are committed to know about the purpose of your life, your legacy and your lessons,
  • spiritual approach resonates with your beliefs,
  • you imagine yourself having your answers to your most fundamental questions,
  • you imagine what you could do with your life if you knew those answers.

then spiritual regression may be a way for you to uncover your answers to your fundamental questions.

Perhaps you have started your search already and began to practice some useful techniques: meditation, silent contemplation or something special for you…

And even if you have never imagined yourself immersed in a deep trance for information that transforms your life, even if you never read a line from spiritual regression books, you don’t have to be a “hippie” to want to have your spiritual experience.

Spiritual regression is a fundamentally different type of self-discovery. It involves spiritual work very different from psychic predictions, visualizations, or guided meditations.  Here YOU ARE INSIDE of the experience and no one is telling you what to do, who you are, or were, you EXPERIENCE IT FIRST HAND!

A good subject for spiritual work who becomes a successful client usually is

  • interested in what is beyond of what you already know about yourself
  • willing to let go  
  • willing to take a look at life from a different perspective, a perspective of a bird’s eye view, and 
  • willing to allow the experience to unfold under Morrin’s expert guidance.

Anyone who has imagination, willing to let go, curious about the unknown can have a great session of spiritual regression. I do not provide therapy, and do not work with clients who are mentally unwell, or are on psychotropic medications, stimulants, or anti-depressants, for the sheer obvious: their ability to keep focus and follow in the session is lowered. And focus is a pre-requisite.

When you decide to schedule your appointment I contact you to make sure I am a match and fit for your needs.  I spent a lot of years studying how to deliver the perfect experience needed just for you, and I personalize each session to give you what you came for. I work very hard to provide my clients with superior experience of connection with their divinity and wisdom, receive answers and get clarity on what is next. I work with hundred of clients every months and my clients report that spiritual regression sessions gives another perspective to look at their life, life direction and their relationship in regard to the world. This allows making fundamental decisions much easier and at a much higher quality level. The connection with the wisdom allows them to know what to do next in every moment.

If you are committed to be one of those interested and intrigued people who want to know more about themselves, allow me to guide you and teach you how to successfully attain the state of higher awareness where magic happens and answers come easily.

As a result of this work, you will find yourself being more effective in the world, more committed to your path, more aware and happier, more successful, make better higher quality decisions and improve your relationships, abundant in every way.

Read Morrin’s clients’ testimonials.

See if now is a ‘good time for you to consider a spiritual regression.

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