Staying In The Light… Dancing with the Light….. On Broadway….

My imagination for Staying In The Light in 4 simple scenarios:

Using aerial performance like so…

Perhaps you would like to imagine this with me…


Dancing In the Light: She danced. She was a dreamer. Shel loved dancing.

Once she was dancing in the street of her neighborhood, as she usually did, because she just couldn’t live without dancing. Suddenly, a black limo arrived and stopped, out came a dame in white, with a red scarf around her waist, she moved slowly toward the dancer, watching her every move. The dancer continued… the dame was entranced…

Then in the intermission the dame whispered into the dancers ear, and the dancer joined the dame in the black limousine, driving the both of them away.

Many forgot the dancer from the street, yet in another more affluent neighborhood, the dancer began a new life… She danced away on new stages, among the rich, who appreciated her skill and talent, and enjoyed being entranced by her innocence.

Time passed.

The dancer continued dancing for the rich. Yet now she was more and more tied up in her dancing with the red scarf, tightening up around her waist… Her dancing became mechanical… lost its soul…

How does it end?

The dancer finds her light again, of course! Dancing in the light again, regaining her soul…

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