Staying In The Light – Why I wrote My Book

Staying in The Light: How to Integrate the 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul:

Why I wrote this book:

So the questions about the book Staying In The Light: How to Integrate the 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul, may begin with one of those like:

Staying In The Light, By Morrin Bass, PhD

Morrin Bass, PhD, Staying In The Light: How to Integrate the 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul


Why did I write the book? 

It was an incredibly long journey to write the book. The first site of the book cover was presented to me in a dream-like vision, during one of my meditations. The bok had golden light on the cover, and the light was so palpable that I took notice, how incredibly powerful the vision is. Then in my vision, I asked a question, “What is it?” and the answer came that this is a book of wisdoms written and composed by me, yet the wisdoms are universal. I did not imagine or make up the wisdoms, they came to me and subsequently each one of the seekers I worked with over the last ten years.

I didn’t know what those wisdoms are at that time. The pages of my book shown to me were empty. I thumbed through the pages and the light came through them, yet there were no words on them. I was amazed.

Two years ago I had a repeat vision of the book, only this time the pages were filed with light AND words. The wisdoms were here. Every time I worked with a seeker, the wisdoms came through, maybe not all of them ( there are nine wisdom categories) in detail, yet all of them were usually present, and in some very particular order. I observed the wisdoms come through each time, and I have done thousands of sessions by now. I understood that that was the time for me to put together the book which becomes a philosophical scholarly assembly of information, philosophy and wisdom, that became my life and work tribute.

First came the title: Staying In The Light: How To Integrate the 9 Wisdoms From You Soul. I quickly began to write. The first draft of the book was ready in two months.

Others have to know the truth 0 that was my realization. I see in my clients and myself how helpful the wisdoms are in knowing how to proceed on your path, what steps to take and what to do next toward a particular intention. When the connection with the wisdom is present, there is no room for error, regret, or remorse. Instead the clarity, purpose and intention take place and the desired satisfaction result.

I wanted this book out as soon as possible. I did not even consider spending time to look for a big publisher. Instead, I just wanted it out so others can access it easily and quickly. The book is now available on Amazon, Kindle and 250,000 other retail shops all over the county for you to acquire and learn the wisdoms from your soul.

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