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Morrin Bass with her Staying In The Light Book

Morrin Bass:

I am holding my  new book, Staying In The Light. I feel the glossy cover glitter in the sunlight in my hands and I feel so happy.

The book Staying In The Light , published by the Balboa Press of the Hay House is available at 250,000 retailers.

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Morrin Bass:

Here is one more beautiful testimonial for the book posted today from Dan Boesch, from Jekil and Hide Broadway Musical in New York.

Another wondrously INsightful offering from another wonderfully INsightful friend, Morrin Bass. Get your copy today, friends. Step further out of your poverty consciousness and further into your connection to infinite abunDANCE, and learn evermore about what Nietzsche’s own higher self was really getting at when he wrote “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Join the music of the light!

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