Staying In The Light On Broadway

Staying in The Light On Broadway

Staying in The Light On Broadway

Last month when my book came out I contemplated how impactful the idea represented in it would be over time. I found myself elaborating in the idea of the importance of making decisions, committing to them and the conducive state of awareness allowing for that.

Suddenly, the thought of bringing the book to the people splashed into through blurred barriers of representation and the idea of a new Broadway play was born.

Last week I began to meet with current successful producers to get my idea across and to see what unfolds next.

I am really excited about bringing a new show Staying In The Light to Broadway. When you put it out to the Universe, the Universe begins to conspire to help you. It feels like I am being helped.

I know the feeling. It feels like I am being helped when I am on the right path, on the right track. Today, I am in the light. The light is shining on the important way of being in the world: The way of being in the light.

Are you staying in the Light?

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