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Are you living your dream?

Is your life a success?

What makes you happy?

These and other questions often come up when I work with people in a group setting.

We need definitions. What is a dream? Everyone has a dream. Even if they say they don’t. Joseph Campbell, a world-renown mythologist said: “Dreams are public myths, and myths are public dreams.” What do you dream about? and ultimately, what do you want?

Some people say they dream about having more money, better relationships and stronger health. But is it really truly what they dream about?

Imagine you have more money, as much as you want and need, and your relationships are ideal, and your health is good. Then what would you want? Something else, more, bigger? That’s how we as human beings are created. As soon as we get what we want we immediately begin to want something else, bigger and better. We dream of something other than what we have.

So what do you want?

Many say they want success. How do you define success for yourself? Some say, they define success as wealth and financial security, and some others might say they are successful when they escape bodily harm, yet some others define success as an abundance of family and friends around them. Perhaps you want to have all three and more. When do you know that you are successful?

Or perhaps it’s happiness that you want.

How do you define happiness? Are you happy to be at work for 17 hours of your day, or 9 to 5, or not working at all if you can afford it, and coming home, only to see that your money is worth nothing in comparison to how fast your children are growing and you don’t get to see them often enough. Some say that ultimately all the money in the world cannot buy happiness. It’s not important to them that they have finances to show for it, they just want to have someone to smile at and hug.

To them happiness is smiling and hugging someone they love. An opportunity to share their world and their vision with someone who loves them back.

What is your happiness?

Let’s start a conversation on what is important to you. Step forward and share your story and your dream about what success and happiness mean to you.

Get to know your own story of your own success, what flaws in your story are holding you back and experience desired transformation, deep, profound, personal and permanent. Hear Morrin’s transformational story and a story of success, change and satisfaction. Partake and learn or sit back and enjoy.

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