Morrin Bass

Morrin Bass, PhD, Staying In The Light: How to Integrate the 9 Wisdoms from Your Soul, Author

Morrin Bass, PhD, Staying In The Light: How to Integrate the 9 Wisdoms from Your Soul, Author

A former  Wall Streeter, Dr. Morrin Bass utilizes her natural spirituality and innate leadership skills, scientifically supporting her unconventional way of creating new awareness in the workplace and at home.

Morrin Bass gives talented, inspiring presentations and workshops for groups in corporate environment and associations helped Morrin Bass to create a reputation as a powerful spirit and a charming representative of a  new generation of spiritual leaders who gets you the results you want.


“There is a work of art that each one of us are destined to create. No one else can do it for us. We alone have to take the journey…”

Paolo Coelho, Alchemist

Morrin Bass is a founder and director of New York Awareness Center with over a decade of practical experience of working with clients in the gamma higher consciousness state. Morrin Bass has expertise in hypnotism which allows her to enjoy success in creating and leading workshops for communities of various backgrounds and beliefs, raising awareness of the role of our authenticity and uniqueness in being ourselves and living a life with purpose. Russian-born in a prominent family of architects, Morrin Bass holds a Ph.D. in architecture.

Upon arriving in the US Morrin Bass searched for her own truth, earned her MBA, and worked in banking for over a decade. In 2001, Morrin retired from Wall Street and discovered the deeper meaning of living through meditation studies, neuropsychology and alternative awareness studies. She became a Reiki Master and Teacher, and the professional instructor of hypnotism, founding New York Awareness Center.

In 2006, Morrin Bass was joined by her partner, Mark Schwimmer, and the inflow of new dimensions to her work. She enjoys a following of interested people from all over the world, on a private mentoring basis and in group workshops.

Morrin Bass is a creative author of the program Staying in the Lighttm, based on neuro-psychosomatic awareness, and integration with daily strategic steps which Morrin regards as living in the light and with intention.

Morrin Bass is a provocative, international women’s  keynote speaker, and a fascinating and passionate workshop leader, advocating informed self-awareness, self-empowerment, creativity, personal responsibility, and actionable decision making.

Morrin’s life-long interest and professional training in painting brings her to creating original art inspired by her own meditations and her clients’ spiritual visions, anchoring their positive experiences, which she enjoys making for her exclusive private clientele upon agreement.


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