Ukrainian Edition by Morrin Bass

New Foreign Language Editions – Ukrainian

With my thanks and acknowledgement in the immeasurable help from my former client and student, an international translator, my devoted ...
Staying In The Light

Staying In The Light… Dancing with the Light….. On Broadway….

My imagination for Staying In The Light in 4 simple scenarios: Using aerial performance like so… Perhaps you would ...

What is Mythos?

mythos my·​thos | \ ˈmi-ˌthōs  , -ˌthäs \plural mythoi\ ˈmi-​ˌthȯi  \ Definition ...

Who Is It For?

If you found this page, pay attention.:) Nothing happens by accident. Are you interested in uncovering what’s behind ...
Staying in The Light On Broadway

Why have your spiritual regression?

“We aren’t human beings leading spiritual lives, we are spiritual beings leading human lives.”     – ...
Staying In The Light ala Fosse Broadway

Dancing with the Light – “Catechesis”

Young trained and quite accomplished dancers and actors in Kiev are ready to invest themselves in a story of journeying to light and ...

Other Editions – In Russian

Your wait is over, my dear seekers! My book Staying In The Light: 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul, is reborn four years after its first ...
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Holiday Lights – Gift Certificate

Are you still looking to connect with your soul?   Holidays are upon us. Year end is approaching. Christmas is traditionally ...
Ken Glickman reading Staying In The Light by Morrin Bass, PhD

More readers for Staying In The Light

One more reader posted his delight – the book Staying In The Light, that he carries with him, is now worn out! Haha, Ken, Great ...
Staying In The Light, By Morrin Bass, PhD

Staying In The Light – Why I wrote My Book

Staying in The Light: How to Integrate the 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul: Why I wrote this book: So the questions about the book Staying ...