Giving Away the Gold

Staying In The Light, By Morrin Bass, PhD

Morrin Bass, PhD, Staying In The Light: How to Integrate the 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul

Are you ready for this?

I am giving away the gold!

Staying In the Light: How To Integrate The 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul

Pure GOLD…….Piece by piece, ounce by ounce.

This morning I stepped out into my living room and saw the GOLD, right in the middle of the room.

There they were –  9 (!) cases containing Pure Gold.

I stopped by the case with its top already open and took  out one piece of gold.

In the morning sunlight  the cover of my book  glistened with gold as the three dimensional moving image of an unveiling light drew me in.

I held a piece of gold up to the Light –

The book, Staying In The Light:

How to Integrate the 9 Wisdoms From Your Soul,

has arrived.

The pages are filled with newly minted pure gold.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews that have come in so far.

Yes, my book Staying In The Light… is published. And it’s now available for you here, as well as at all the online booksellers.

Revealed………The 9 Wisdoms

The 9 Wisdoms are  pure gold, and there’s Wisdom for everyone to embody.

What’s so amazing is;  the book Staying In The Light wrote itself.  The “9 Wisdoms” are the Gold. They are the conversations between my clients and their higher consciousness guides, during their transpersonal hypnosis sessions.

Ten Years of research, distilled for you

The advice kept coming up, and all I had to do was notice the patterns, and capture the magical moments of transformation. When you read these stories, you will be transported into this amazing world, and The 9 Wisdoms of higher consciousness. It’s pure Gold.

Experience the profound truths as they are told by higher guidance,

  • Create the story of your life yourself,
  • Pursue your bliss, do what you want,
  • Be in balance,
  • Feel good,
  • Have fun,
  • Be healthy, exercise,
  • Live with intention,
  • Stay in the light, 
  • Contribute your legacy,
  • make your own decisions, and take action
  • and of course, be yourself, 

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(even the cover is gold).

Added value to your copy.==> I’ll  sign it, and the shipping is free.

Begin to know what to do  and how to be the way you always knew was right for you.

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Help me make your world more enlightened.

Be the one to take your first step with Pure Gold in your heart!

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